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2008-12-06 22:10

Äntligen har vi fått en ny hemsida för vår kyrka i Sverige! De nya sidorna innehåller mer information om oss och vår tro och vår aktivitet i landet och i övriga världen samt kontaktinformation om var våra kyrkor finns. Givetvis hoppas vi också att ni tycker om det nya ansiktet som sidorna fått!



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New website & contact details
1 2010-04-05 12:27
Brian Siwisha

greetings, i pray you had a wonderful and blessed easter weekend. As for me it was well and wonderful. I am priest from Zambia,Estates Conngregation.I visited your congregation during the month september /october and prayed together. I thank you for the warm reception accorded to me as a brother in christ. I would to have my youths in my congregation twin up with yours in stockholm main. i know its tricky and doubtful. but we can try i know some districts in german who have done with other countries. it can be basis of exchanging youth work in sweden and zambia. spiritual buidling and activities to sustain one another. Yours Priest Siwisha

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